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City observes Dia de Vicente Alvarez


The local government honors today, May 18, the legacy of General Vicente Alvarez, a Zamboangueño revolutionary hero.

Mayor Beng Climaco will lead the commemorative ceremonies that will mark the Dia de General Vicente Alvarez, kicking off with a 6 AM mass at Fort Pilar, and the commemorative program proper at the Plaza de Gen. Vicente Alvarez at 8 AM.

The simple ceremonies is the City’s expression of gratitude and appreciation for the late General, whose efforts to fight for the country’s sovereignty resulted in the surrender of Spanish forces under Gov. General Diego de los Rios on May 18, 1899 at Fort Pilar.

The Dia de General Vicente Alvarez is held annually on May 18 in his honor, pursuant to City Ordinance 334.

The mayor, along with other local officials, will be joined by the family and relatives of General Alvarez.

The Dia de Alvarez commemorative rites will immediately be followed by the Neo-Ethnic dance competition, one of the summer festival 2017 activities, at the Plaza Pershing at 9 AM.

Five dance groups will be competing for top prizes and the distinction of being one of the City’s most premier dance troupes.

The summer festival 2017 will soon come to an official close, capping off with the crowd-favorite events like the Festival de las Bellas y Flores on May 20, a mascota design competition, and the Danza Verano on May 27, a summer street party. (Jasmine Mohammadsali)

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