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Dancing fountain meant to entertain, not make money - Celso


“Si ancina man diila utuk, cay hinde ta puede hace sen el dancing fountain serra yalang cunese. El cementerio de Mampang cay hinde ta hace sens erra tamen.” Thus said Congressman Celso Lobregat in jest while deploring the kind of thinking some City Hall officials have.

Lobregat was reacting to earlier statements made by City Administrator, Angelique “Apple” Go during Monday’s press conference at City Hall that the dancing fountain is not at all earning for the city government’s coffers.

Go disclosed that the city government spends P130,000 for its maintenance including the payment of electricity.

The P25million dancing and gyrating fountain is only contributing P50,000 a year to the city’s coffers, Go disclosed.

Lobregat emphasized that the dancing fountain was never intended to be an economic enterprise but to entertain the people visiting the Paseo del Mar.

“Economic enterprise of the city government are those establishments that can generate income such as the public market, the abattoir and others.But Paseo del Mar was not also made to generate income. Of course the government charges fees like parking, C.R., fountain fees just to help in the maintenance, but never to really make money from it,” Lobregat said.

“Si ansina man diila pensamiento, quiere sila tranka cunel dancing fountain cay hinde ta dale sen cunel govierno, serra tamen cunel maga camino cay hinde man ta dale sen. El coliseum serra tamen cay hinde este ta puede hace sen cay nuay sila paga coriente, hasta ahora tiene pa grande debe cunel Zamcelco.” Lobregat said. (Nonong Santiago)

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