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CHO to form task force to arrest public smokers (Police: No place to detain violators)


As the nationwide ban on smoking took effect Sunday, the City Health Office (CHO) is set to form a task force to go after smokers who will violate Executive Order 26.

Zamboanga City Health Officer, Dr. Rodel Agbulos stressed the need to first inform the public on the smoking ban and the posting of tarpaulins in public establishments.

“It is a violation if they smoke even in comfort rooms because that is a public place,” Agbulos said.

Agbulos also warned city councilors who smoke inside the comfort rooms of the Sangguniang Panlungsod building.

He said the penalty for violating the E.O. ranges from P500 to P10,000.

Owners of establishments that will violate the smoking ban will also be fined P5,000 or an imprisonment of 30 days.

“Nesecita gayot anay kita man inform contodo porcausa deste smoking ban especially in cockpits where almost half of the cockers are smokers,” Agbulos emphasized.

Mayor Isabelle Climaco said she fully supports the government’s ban on smoking.

“This is one of the class legislations to drastically help bring down cancer and other diseases from smoking,” Climaco said.

However, Police Information Officer, Insp. Edwin Duco said, there is really a need to inform the public on the bad effects of smoking, “Siguro puede kita anay man penalize canila manda paga fines instead of arresting them already. You could just imagine if the police will arrest 50 violators a day. Onde man kita pone canila cay bien lleno ya el maga selda,” Duco said. (Nonong Santiago)

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