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Sick man takes own life


The body of a man who was reportedly suffering from kidney disease was discovered lifeless inside his own home in Zambowood last Thursday.

The victim was identified as Jimmy Doneyo Gabawa, 46 years old, single.

Initial investigation showed that Gabawa’s body was discovered by a certain Roderick Ladovas Lopez who went to the victim’s home at around 10:50pm.

Lopez was shocked to find Gabawa’s body hanging from the ceiling with a wire looped around the neck.

An emergency response team tried to revive the victim to no avail.

Rex Doneyo Gabawa, the victim’s brother, said that his brother could have taken his own life to put a stop to his suffering brought about by kidney failure.

Police are still conducting an investigation to determine the presence of foul play.  (Eugene Lasprilla)

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