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Robbers steal from injured man


Robbers took advantage of a vehicular accident and robbed its victim of his personal belongings in Sta Maria last Friday.

Police identified the victim as Mohammad Yusuf Utuanis y Anuddin, 23 years old, single and a resident of Familia Sagrada Drive, Canelar.

One of the suspects was identified as Dennis Labacanacruz y Mabolo 29 years old, and a resident of Pasonanca.  Two other suspects remain at large.

Utuanis said that he was driving along the Sta Maria road when he met an accident upon reaching Fernando Compound.

While he was suffering from his injury and lying on the ground, two persons reportedly approached him and instead of helping, grabbed his motorcycle ignition key and cellular phone.

The two suspects then escaped.

After about an hour, one of the suspects, identified as Labacanacruz surrendered the ignition key to Sta Maria Barangay Tanod Jose Jeffrey Traje.

Police are still conducting pursuit operations against two other suspects.  (Kathy Joy Alejabo, WMSU OJT)

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