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Beng to criminals: ‘We will hunt you down’


Mayor Beng Climaco is sending a strong message to perpetrators of shooting incidents in the city that the government will hunt them down and that they ‘cannot do it here and get away with it.’

She said, shooting for reprisal or retaliation or for any other reasons is unacceptable as human life must be respected.

“The shooting of a businessman in broad daylight is unacceptable. We are sending a strong message to the perpetrators: You cannot just shoot people in Zamboanga City because we must make sure they are caught, disciplined and brought to justice! Human life must be respected, you cannot do it here and get away! We will hunt you down!,” Mayor Climaco declared.

Last Friday, August 4 at around 10:30am, the police reported a shooting incident at the Alright Drug and Chinese Pharmacy in Tomas Claudio Street. The victim was identified as Gerard Nathaniel Reyes Yuking, 40 years old, single of Mercado Street.

The police theorized personal grudge as the cause of the incident. (Sheila Covarrubias/PR)

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