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City banners Chavacano preservation, promotion thrusts


In line with its efforts to preserve and promote the Chavacano language, the local government has produced and distributed reference materials on the history and usage of Chavacano for students and the general public.

Assistant city administrator and special assistant to the city mayor Dr. Generao Yap-Aizon on Monday gave a report on the implementation of the City’s program for the culture and the arts, which included the production of a Chavacano orthography, school textbooks under the K12’s  mother tongue-based multilingual education (MTB-MLE), and other reference materials.

Aizon said Zamboanga City is one of the few cities who were able to produce and provide textbooks to the Department of Education (DepEd) for the MTB-MLE with the “Aprende Kita Chavacano” textbooks, a primer on the Chavacano language for Grade 1 to 3 students.

“The City Government provided the textbooks for all the schools in the division of Zamboanga,” Aizon said.

Aside from the textbooks, the local government also produced six big Chavacano story books for kindergarten students, and four volumes of Chavacano comics about the life of the late Cesar C. Climaco which were distributed to elementary and secondary school students.

In response to the need for a reference material on local history, Aizon and a team of researchers and writers facilitated the production of the “Historia de Zamboanga: Maga Lectura”.

Meanwhile, the “Riquezas: Chavacano Essays and Studies” contain information on Chavacano orthography and its usage. This, Aizon said, is available to those who come to City Hall and ask for copies.

The second part of the Historia and the Riquezas will be published this October, Aizon added. (Jasmine Mohammadsali/PR)

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