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(Due to coal shortage) Canning factories stop operations


Some canning factories in Zamboanga City have stopped their operations due to shortage of coal.

This was revealed yesterday by Mr. Edgar Lim, one of the officers of the Industrial Group of Zamboanga Incorporated (IGZI).

Lim explained that coal is very important in the operations of canning factories since it is used for their boilers to steam the canned sardines.

Lim said, the shortage is due to the suspension of coal deliveries from Zamboanga Sibugay. Coal suppliers from the province cannot deliver their coal to Zamboanga City due to problems with transport permits.

Accordingly, the Sibugay Provincial government is not issuing the necessary permits to coal suppliers to deliver to the different canning factories in Zamboanga City.

Lim said,IGZI already wrote a letter to Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco requesting her to intercede for them with the Sibugay Provincial government, to allow the delivery of coal to Zamboanga City.

In a letter to Mayor Climaco signed by Mr. Roberto Valerio, IGZI Executive Director, they explained that the disruption of work due to the coal shortage will affect approximately 10,000 direct workers and about 20,000 to 25,000 indirect workers.

“As of now there are only about two or three plants that stopped operations. But if this coal shortage will continue, the other plants will also have to stop their operations until we can find other sources where we can get coal.” Lim said.

Zamboanga City has long been known as the sardine capital of the country. With the pending closure of the canning factories in the city due to coal shortage, it is still unclear how the supply and prices of sardines will be affected all over the country. (Ed)

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