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Dad injures son over motorcycle


An angry father threw his bolo at his son when he arrived home at Asuncion Drive, Zone 2, Barangay Culianan, this city, on Wednesday.

The son was identified as Robin Paluray Eugenio, 14, a student and a resident of SitioPresa, Barangay Pasobolong, this city.

He sustained an injury on his back and was rushed to Mindanao Central Sanitarium Hospital in Barangay Pasobolong.

Personnel of Police Station 4 under Sr. Inspector Hazel Fernandez, responded at the crime scene and arrested the father identified as Roel Eugenio, 48, also a resident of the said place.

Initial police investigation showed that the victimused the motorcycle of his father without permission and ferried his friend, a certain Hapon, to Culianan Highway.

However, upon his return, the victim was met by his furious father who immediately punched him.

Police said that the father, not contented, took his bolo from the scabbard tuck on the waist and threw it at his son.

The father is now detained at the police station pending the filing of appropriate case in court. (Eugene A. Lasprilla)

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