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Urban Poor treasuer absconds with P1.9-M


A treasurer of an urban poor association is facing Estafa charges after allegedly absconding with P1.9-million worth of funds belonging to the organization.

Amor con Amor Urban Poor Association members, which includes Barangay Captain Noel Perez, kagawads, and a media man, are mulling Estafa charges against former treasurer Eladio Casimiro for taking off with payment of association members for the housing units that they acquired through the Urban Poor Organization.

Association members accuse Casimiro of withdrawing the funds in secrecy and absconding with the money.

Former Barangay Curuan Chairman, Carmelito Manalo, said that he signed the withdrawal slip in good faith but denied being a part of Casimiro’s reported scheme to dupe the association.

“Ya pirma yo el withdrawal in good faith cay ya habla ele cay el sen ta man turn over ele na National Housing Authority.  Por cuantos anyos ya gale ta usa el sen.  Ya sabe se kame cuando el NHA ya anda canamun y ya habla cay zero remittance daw kame,” Manalo explained.

Casimiro reportedly duped former association president Nenita Baco, a certain Mrs. Jauhari and Manalo into signing withdrawal papers without the former’s own signature appearing in the document.

In the year 2010, the National Housing Authority appropriated funds coursed through the Congressional office of former District 2 Congressman Erbie Fabian to help landless residents of barangay Curuan in acquiring house and lot units.

Under the scheme, a two-hectare lot will be purchased and subdivided among 126 beneficiaries who will organize themselves into an urban poor association.

Recipients will then deposit their installment payments for the house and lot package through their association.

Association members dutifully paid their installment payments only to find out several years later that their records reflected no payments at all.

They learned about Casimiro’s scheme when the National Housing Authority asked them to settle their obligations because the records show that they have not remitted funds to the agency.

The association members are now facing a big problem since the NHA ordered them to pay their installments from the beginning since no funds were collected by the agency from them.  (Nonong Santiago)

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