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Worker rapes girl inside school CR


A construction worker allegedly raped a six-year old girl inside the comfort room of a local school in barangay Labuan yesterday.

The mother and her daughter appeared at the police station and filed a rape complaint against the suspect.

Police are conducting a manhunt operation against Rexan Saliguidan, a native of Zamboanga del Norte who was reportedly hired as construction worker for a project inside the school premises.

Investigator-on-case PO2 Zamia Omar Ali of the Women and Children’s Desk told Zamboanga Today that the suspect was a stay-in worker of the ongoing 3-storey school building of Labuan Elementary School.

PO2 Ali said that the suspect apparently followed the victim when the latter went to the comfort room which is just beside the construction site.

While inside, the suspect reportedly touched the victim’s private part.

The minor immediately informed the teacher about her ordeal who  in turn informed the police.

According to the construction foreman, the suspect hurriedly left the project site purportedly to go to a money remittance center.

Police stations in the city participated in the search for the suspect to no avail.

Rape charges are being readied at the City Prosecutor’s Office.  (Eugene Lasprilla)

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