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(In commemoration of "Eidil Adha") Turkish Tolerance School continues beef-giving program


Officials of the Turkish Tolerance International School continued their annual beef-giving program by slaughtering yesterday morning over 80 cows at their school grounds in Sitio Pitogo barangay Sinunuc, this city.

School Ddirector, Maruf Celebi explained that yesterdays celebration is called by Muslim Filipinos as "Eidil Adha" while in Turkey, it is called “Kurban” or the Festival of Sacrifice in commemoration of Abraham’s readiness to sacrifice his son to God.

Celebi added that Abraham’s faith can both be found in the Holy Quran in the Muslim faith and in the Old testament of the Holy Bible of the Christian faith.

He said devout Muslims mark "Eidil Adha" by performing acts of charity like what they have been doing the past 20 years by slaughtering hundreds of cows and distribute the beef to the needy, not only in Zamboanga City, but also in other areas such as Davao, Cebu, Baguio and Manila.

He said in Zamboanga City, more than 2,400 families benefited from the beef-giving program.

Celebi said in 1997, they started slaughtering only 20 cows. But it has increased to more than 300 over the years. Last year however, they only butchered 65 cows due to economic setback and the lack of cows.

Last July, Turkish Ambassador to the Philippines Esra Cankurur bared that Turkish terrorists are in the Philippines and are using charity organizations and education institutions as fronts for their terroristic activities.

Celebi said the revelation of their ambassador was purely political and unfounded.

“We don’t have any direct connection with Fetullah Gulen (FETO) or any terrorist group. Our school is legal,” Celebi said in an earlier interview.

Celebi explained that their school, which was founded 20 years ago in Zamboanga City, is non-sectarian and strictly follows the academics and the curriculum of the Department of Education.

At present, he said, the school has 470 students in the secondary level and many of their pupils have won in international Mathematics and Science competitions. (Nonong Santiago)

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