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Lobregat to Councilors questioning tarps: ‘Duele?’


House of Representatives Committee Chairman on Public Works and Highways, Congressman Celso Lobregat expressed dismay over the reaction of some “yellow” city councilors questioning his move of posting informative tarpaulins in all the infrastructure projects being implemented by the national government in Zamboanga City.

This as some members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod allied with the Liberal Party, cited the provisions of Senate Bill 776, commonly known as the “Anti-Epal Bill” which was filed during the Aquino administration.

In an interview with a local radio station, Lobregat said that the city councilors who are questioning his move should be aware of their job as legislators, that when a bill or a piece of legislation is not passed into law, it is not a law. It cannot be implemented without its passage. It’s still a bill which was not passed, he explained.

“My objective in putting tarpaulins in all the new infrastructure projects is to let the people know that it is a project of the national government. These projects have been going on for several years now. The minute I decided to put up tarps to let the people know whose project it is, ya man react dayun. Cosa se? Porque, duele canila?” Lobregat said.

The posting of tarpaulins in all national government funded projects in the city is very informative for the people to be aware that these projects are not locally initiated, Lobregat said.

One tarpaulin which is visible to all the motorists is located along the Baliwasan-San Jose Gusu junction which reads; “This widening of ZC-Labuan-Limpapa road, Baliwasan-San Jose Gusu section is another project and solution of the national government, implemented by the DPWH-DEO to address Zamboanga City’s traffic problem and bring forth further progress and development to the city. This is where your taxes go.”.

“Este para sabe el hente cay el national government ta hace este monton del mga proyecto aura na ciudad, para resolva el problema de trapico na fueblo,” porque sila ta sinti duele? imbes alegre sila cay mucho proyekto ta construji aura el govierno nacional na Zamboanga, hay questiona pa sila? cosa clase se?” Lobregat said.

The solon said that as the chairman of the Committee on Public Works and a Congressman, the national government projects are being coordinated with his office to make sure that these projects are properly implemented.

“Si chene project el city government, hinde ba chene tamen sila tarpaulin ta pone? chene ba quien ya reclama? sila lang ba ta fuede pone tarpaulin? Ese si chene ba sila project que visible na publico?” Lobregat asked.

“Cosa malo alyi? Ta pricura yo saca mucho proyecto national para ayuda resolve el mga problema del de aton ciudad. Claro ta abla alyi proyekcto del national government, porque man ta duele diila pecho con el para na progreso man del ciudad?” Lobregat said.(Dexter Yap/PR)

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