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Police capture armed group leader


A criminal group leader was captured during an brief encounter with the combined personnel of the Regional Special Operations Group (RSOG) of the Police Regional Office 9 (RPO9) and 902nd Mobile Company of the Regional Mobile Force Company at Sitio Matab-ang, Barangay Benuatan, Dinas Municipality, Zamboanga del Sur (ZDS)  on Wednesday.

PRO 9 spokesperson Chief Insp. Helen Galvez told Zamboanga Today that the combined police force launched a law enforcement operation against the group of Salik Abdulkarim Samin alias Kumander Karding who is listed as Top 3 of the Most Wanted Person under the areas of responsibility of PRO 9.

Galvez said that the police forces served the warrant of arrest at about 10 a.m. of Wednesday but the armed group of Kumander Karding  decided  to engage in a brief exchange of gunfire against the law enforcers.

Galvez disclosed the Kumander Karding has a warrant of arrest for the crime of multiple murder with double frustrated murder and also multiple attempted murder docketed under criminal case number 05-068; murder- docketed under criminal case number 17-156; illegal possession of firearm and ammunition docketed under criminal case number 15-129 and Direct Assault under criminal case number 1643-D.

The PRO 9 spokesperson added that Kumander Karding was captured after the brief gun battle, however, his armed followers managed to escape.

Kumander Karding was brought to the municipal police station for proper documentation and custody while the police are preparing for his proper turn over to the concerned court.

Initial police report disclosed that the operating troops are still searching for several firearms and explosive devices in the area that were reported to have been buried by the armed group. (Eugene A. Lasprilla)

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