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Rotary Metro Zamboanga donates narcotics sniffing dog to city jail


Rotary Metro Zamboanga donated a jack russel sniffing dog to the  Zamboanga City Jail. The 6- month narcotics sniffing dog  worth P250,000 is already trained when it was acquired by the donors.

According to Lydia Lubaton, president of Rotary Metro Zamboanga, both (BJMP and Rotary Metro initiated this project knowing that most of the current inmates in the city jail are drug user.

With the entry of the said sniffing dog, it will help the BJMP clean the premises of illegal drugs, Lubaton said

On the part of the BJMP, no less than the BJMP Director Deogracias Tapayan is elated upon receiving the narcotics dog.

He said that this serves as a great help to his personnel here in ZCRC to get rid of illegal drugs adding that this is the first time in Region 9 that a sniffing dog was donated to them by a private and civic group.

Meanwhile, City Jail Warden Chief Insp. Nathaniel Aljas said that the dog will be stationed at the gate to check the cargoes of visitor who are visiting the inmates.  It will also be used in the greyhound inside the jail in coordination with the PDEA.

The maintenance of the said narcotics dog will be shouldered by the jail management as it will already be included in their daily budget.

The said dog will have a rank and a name as Jail Officer Vincent. (Remus Ong)

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