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Climaco orders intensified anti-drug abuse campaign


Mayor Beng Climaco convened last Thursday the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CADAC) and ordered an intensified campaign against the drug menace, one of the main causes of crimes not only in the city but nationwide as well.

Climaco told the press briefing yesterday that the campaign against illegal drugs would be intensified by using the city government’s P5 million funds for the purpose.

She said the funds will be used primarily for another round of massive drug testing for city government officials and employees, including the barangay officials, police and military personnel.

This, the mayor stressed, is the city government’s way of showing strong support for Pres. Duterte’s relentless war on drugs throughout the country.

“Zamboanga City must (re)launch an anti-drug abuse campaign through drug testing. Money has been appropriated for this, unfortunately through the years it was not fully implemented. This time, I want the funds are spent wisely and effectively to eliminate the drug menace in our city,” Climaco declared.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the city government through CADAC will spend the P5 million funds for massive drug testing on all local government officials and employees in the city.

The chief executive also explained that the next step of the campaign is to ensure that the full process of rehabilitation of the drug dependents will be provided in a very clinical way “so that we will be able to bring them back to mainstream society.”

This would need coordination with the Department of Health for the establishment of a rehabilitation facility.

“So, we want to utilize all funds available in support of Pres. Duterte’s anti-drug campaign because drug abuse or the drug menace has really brought about a lot of violations of laws nationwide,” the mayor emphasized.-(Vic Larato)

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