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Police to clear obstructions on sidewalks


Personnel of the Zamboanga City Police Office (ZCPO) together with barangay officials will soon hit the city streets to conduct clearing operations to free the sidewalks of obstructions.

ZCPO Spokesperson, Shellamie Chang said in an interview that this order was issued after a series of meetings were held with barangay officials who were tasked to disseminate the informaton to their constituents.

Moreover, Chang said that numerous complaints also reached the barangays relative to the obstructed sidewalks, especially those along the city's central business district area and heavily populated barangays.

"Our aim is to be able to utilize our sidewalks since they are dedicated for the use of our people and not for a few enterprising individuals to take advantage by expanding their business. Others use the sidewalks to put their junk items at home thus depriving the local residents and visitors of convenient walking spaces, especially along the central business district area and the different barangays", Chang stressed.

Chang added that the sidewalk obstructions affect the smooth flow of human traffic along the road posing a serious threat to the safety of the public as they are forced to pass on the roads with speeding vehicles.

"The team will conduct operation this coming week in three barangays in the westcoast namely Lower Calarian, Campo Islam and Baliwasan." She said.

"All obstructions or illegal structures occupying the sidewalks will be removed," Chang added.

Chang called on the residents to voluntarily remove any obstruction or illegal structure along the sidewalks. (Kikay Dongallo)

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