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ZCCIFI intervenes in Zambo port issues


The Zamboanga City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc. (ZCCIFI) organized a round table discussion on the 12th of March 2018 in its office to discuss issues raised by member companies concerned on the current state of the Zamboanga City Port, and what assistance can be extended to address the issues therein.

Attendees were: Mr. Liberto C. Dela Rosa and Mr. Art Nogas of Philippine Ports Authority (PPA), Mr. Samuel Simon, Richard Lapira, and Maulana Omar of the Zamboanga City Integrated Port Services, Inc., Ms. Maricel Cautivar, Mr. Orlene Quibilan, and Mr. Lizander Passion of Aleson Shipping Lines, Mr. Godofredo Lim, of Dennis Hardware, Mr. Nilo Uro of Nationwide Sale Corp., Mr. John Ocampo of Zenith Const. Supply, Mr. Pedro RufoSoliven and Mr. Ronnie Natividad of Zamboanga City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc.

Among the issues raised includefast tracking the movement of cargoes in the Port. ZCIPSI responded that their problem is the wear and tear of the equipment, especially that of the forklifts. “Basically, it’s the sensor or the computerized part of the forklift machine that is the issue and not the mechanical part.” According to ZCIPSI.

On top of having problems on some reach stacker being inoperable, repair of these equipment requires many processes and will take time. As a solution, ZCIPSI is tapping shipping companies like Aleson Shipping Lines to use their forklifts. This also brought about the opening of a possible leasing agreement for the ZCIPSI and the consignees such as the Dennis Hardware.

Aleson Shipping Lines on the other hand raised concerns on the operation during Sundaysand holidays and at times, during the weekdays which isthe availability of the manpower for their services. Aleson said that it would take three hours for manpower to be available. The PPA then suggested that a formal letter of complaint be sent to them in order for them to set a date where they will sit with the Labor Group, ZCIPSI and Alesonto address this issue.

Meanwhile, Mr. Godofredo Lim of Dennis Hardware raised issues on the delay of the cargoes resulting to the delay of their operation that are affecting their businesses. Accordingly, the delay can reach upto 2 weeks and that the storage fee is being charged to the consignee who cannot be faultedfor the delay. “That is a loss of opportunity, and lost opportunity means loss of money,” said Mr. Pedro Rufo Soliven, ZCCCIFI President.

ZCIPSI and the PPA said they have nothing to do with the charging of delay to the consignee. ZCIPSI explained that it is the shipping line’s responsibility to pull out the cargoes on-time. The storage fee itself is there to help decongest the area, that’s why they are charging this storage fee to the Shipping Lines. The shipping lines however, are passing these fees to the consignees.

One solution proposed by ZCIPSI to alleviate or to hasten the delivery of the cargoes is the exemption or the lessening of the restricted time of the truckban.  As to the equipment, ZCIPSI requires additional 5-10 units of forklift. If it is really the problem, as stated by Soliven, some consignees are willing to be part of the solution.

Towards the end of the dialogue, Mr. Soliven suggested the chartering of the First Zamboanga City Hardware Owners Association which was then agreed by the parties present. PPA Manager, Mr. LibertoDela Rosa offered an automatic seat to the elected president in the Port Management Association Advisory Council. (ZCCCIFI PR - JayJoeTanbeda)

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