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Police arrest watch-car boy for stabbing


A watch-your-car boy was arrested after attempting to stab a motorist at Nuñez Street, Barangay Zone III, this city on Thursday.

The suspect was identified as Nasdy Hassan y Sirani, 23, a resident of Camachille Drive, Zone III.

The suspect was brought to Police Station 11 for the investigation and detention.

Initial investigation conducted showed that the victim identified as Allen Vince Bayabos, 20, single, of Barangay Putik, this city, parked his motorcycle in front of Flavorite Restaurant but was confronted by the suspect and prevented him from parking his vehicle at the area.

Report disclosed that the victim transferred his vehicle to the designated parking area but the suspect still got irked because the former got angry at him.

Probers said the victim and his girlfriend went inside the establishment but upon retrieving the motorcycle they were chased by the suspect and attempted to stab him but luckily he managed to evade the attack.

A follow-up operation conducted by the local police office and arrested the suspect in possession and control of a kitchen knife.

Appropriate case was readied by police authority against the suspect in court. (Eugene A. Lasprilla)

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