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24 people arrested for illegal gambling


By Eugene A. Lasprilla

Twenty-four people were arrested during an anti-illegal gambling operation launched by combined personnel of the Police Station 7 led by Supt. Mark Azur and the 905th Mobile Company, 9th Regional Mobile Force Battalion, led by Sr. Insp. Allan Benedict Ramos in Townsville, Barangay San Roque, ZamboangaCity, Saturday afternoon.

Azur told Zamboanga Today that their office received a report on the operation of illegal cock fighting, locally known as “Takbi”, in Townsville, San Roque.

Apprehended during the operation were Akrabin Awis y Abdulla, 43, single, of Barangay Talon-Talon; Mujib Tantali y Pajiji, 45, married, of Barangay Sta. Catalina; Taib Malali y Jumni, 38, single, of Barangay Campung Islam; HatabSali y Padiwan, 55, widower and Abdurahman Ami y Usman, 44, single, both of Melas Drive, San Roque; Julimar Jumadan y Edja, 32, married, Abdullatip Kalayakan y Gimlani, 40, married and Golden Iraham y Kalayakan, 73, widow, all of Sitio Lower Calarian, Campung Islam; Jun-Jun Abdurahim y Sakkam, 29, single, of Ruste Drive, San Roque; SaidorDulla y Hassan, 50, married, of Barangay Kasanyangan; Haiber Mustapha y Asuri, 61, married, of Barangay Guiwan, and Rey Memar Abdulla y Ahadulla, 21, single, of Barangay Putik.

Also arrested were Hasanal Sali y Appas, 28, married and Aiyob Darayan y Halim, 44, married, both of Talon-Talon; Bhenrashid Hajiri y Kaslani, 25, single, of Barangay Divisoria; Sajid Abdurahman y Jawi, 47, single and Amil Bakki y Amdani, 45, married, both of Manggal Drive, Barangay Baliwasan; “MOHAIMEN MASBUD y IBRAHIM”, 24 years old, male, single and Abdelsatar Julhiji y Amil, 24, married, of Mi Amor Subdivision, San Roque; Mohaimen Masbud y Ibrahim, 24, single, of Mi Amor subdivision, San Roque; Annual Saupi y Tahil, 43, married, of Sta. Catalina; Ryan Hadjirul y Sahirani, 28, single, of Sinunuc; Hanani Asao y Julaid, 56, married, of 36th IB, Barangay Upper Calarian; Patta Julambri, 55, married, of Barangay Cabatangan, and Wilfred Malali y Agustin, 17, single, of Lower Calarian.

Confiscated during the operations were ten live and one dead fighting cocks andsome bet money.

The suspects were conducted to the police station while the confiscated items were turned over to the Investigator-On-Case PO3 Geronimo Rabor.

A case for violation of the anti-gambling law will be readied against them in court. (Eugene A. Lasprilla)

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