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CHO cautions on summer diseases


This summer season, the City Health Office (CHO) is urging the public to be aware and take appropriate precautions to protect themselves from summer-related illness.

According to the CHO, the six most common diseases this summer are sore eyes, sunburn, colds and cough, diarrhea and vomiting, skin diseases, and rabies.

Dr. Ivy Iturralde, chief of the Epidemiology Surveillance Unit, said that maintaining a healthy lifestyle, among others, will help residents to avoid summer-related illnesses.

“We are advocating still for a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, exercise, and good hygiene,” Iturralde said during the Monday briefing at City Hall.

She also advised drinking plenty of fluids – at least 8 glasses of water – to combat dehydration, particularly with the rising temperatures due to the incoming summer months.

Residents are also advised to protect themselves from the heat by using caps or umbrellas, resting in cool shady places, and using sunscreen before going out during the day. (Jasmine Mohammadsali/PR)

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