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Summer sports clinic registration is on


Registration for the city’s annual summer sports clinic is ongoing.

The Basic Sports Summer Camp 2018 will be accepting school-aged children from 7-15 years old for 26 sports discipline in a month-long training clinic spearheaded by the city’s sports development office.

Registration will be open for the entire month of April before the formal opening of the sports camp which will run from May 1-31. Forms are available at the sports office (992-1259) located at the city coliseum.

Now on its 23rd year, the Basic Sports Summer Camp 2018 will offer lessons and training to participants in 26 sports disciplines: archery, arnis, athletics, badminton, basketball, baseball/softball, body building, boxing, chess, dancesport, football/futsal, gymnastics, judo, karatedo, muay thai, pencak silat, sepak takraw, swimming, table tennis, taekwando, tennis, volleyball, weightlifting, wrestling, wushu, and a new addition, e-one 7, a modern chess board game.

The summer clinic is part of the city’s sports development program to develop and build up world class athletes.

“Please support and join our program because these children came from this program, ngayon nakikipagsapalaran na sila internationally,” said sports officer Cecil Atilano during the press briefing at City Hall Monday, April 2, which included the recognition of the city’s Pencak Silat medal haulers.  (Jasmine Mohammadsali)

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