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Dalipe turns over irrigation facilities to farmers


Congressman Mannix Dalipe on Sunday turned over irrigation facilities to farmers in barangay Buenavista in Zamboanga City.

Dalipe said the project consisted of an elevated reservoir and the installation of the PVC pipes for the Buenavista Irrigators Association amounting to P3 million.

Over 66 farmers will benefit from the facilities that will help distribute water to their respective rice fields.

“Ta pidi gayot came gracias con congresista Mannix por este grande ayuda que ya dale aqui canamon cay hinde mas came cansa busca agua para na diamon sementera,” said one of the farmers.

Dalipe vowed to continue helping the farmers to make their livelihood more productive.

“We already have a lot of development just in my first term of office. We will have more,” Dalipe assured. (Elinor Fernandez)

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