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Climaco orders recapture of 3 remaining jail breakers


Mayor Beng Climaco yesterday ordered the police to recapture the remaining 3 of 17 prisoners who bolted jail Monday dawn at Police Station 6 in Tetuan, this city.

A report disclosed that at least 17 prisoners mostly facing drug charges bolted jail after one of them sawed the jail padlock, giving them the opportunity run away to different directions. Three police officers on duty were not able to suppress the escapees as they were outnumbered.

The chief executive also directed the Zamboanga City Police Office under Sr. Supt. Neri Vincent Ignacio to conduct a full investigation of the jailbreak to determine responsibility and let the axe fall upon anyone who may have had a hand on the incident.

As this developed, the police immediately launched a citywide manhunt for the escapees, and recaptured 14 in different locations, leaving three more scot-free.

She also appealed to the public and the barangay officials to help the authorities by giving information that would lead to the arrest or recapture of the remaining escapees.

“To the escapees’ families and relatives, in case they have sought refuge or know their whereabouts, turn them over to the police. These escapees are presumed innocent of the crimes for which they were arrested,” Climaco said in a statement.

To the escapees, she appealed to let the justice take its due course on their charges.

“Surrender now or face the consequence of your actions, harsher than the crimes you were originally accused of,” the mayor warned the escapees.

In spite of the incident, however, Climaco said the city government remains ever supportive of the police.

We cannot allow this incident to undermine, let alone destroy, our commitment and support to the police, the military and all other law enforcement agencies in protecting Zamboanga City,” she said.-(Vic Larato/PR)

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