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City launches anti-smoking ordinance


In a bid to safeguard public health and ensure physical well-being of the constituents, the City Government launches Monday, April 16, the ordinance regulating smoking gin the city and providing penalties for violations.

Mayor Beng Climaco with City Health Office OIC Dr. Dulce Miravite and members of the Smoke-Free Enforcement Team will spearhead the launching activity during the flag raising ceremony 8am in front of City Hall.

Ordinance 469 which amends certain provisions of Ordinance 413, series 2013 bans smoking in all enclosed public places, workplaces, accommodation and entertainment establishments and all forms of public conveyances including vehicles owned by the government. Exception to the rule are designated smoking areas.

Violators of the ordinance shall be administratively fined as follows: first offense- P1,000 or immediate community service of cleaning the public place as determined by the apprehending authority for 2 hours at the area where violation was committed; 2nd offense – P3,000 or 3 hours community service; 3rd and subsequent offense- P5,000 or 5 hours community. Establishments that allows smoking in no smoking areas will also be fined – P3,000 for first offense, P4,000- second offense, P5,000 – third offense and 4th offense - P5,000 and revocation or permanent cancellation of business permit.

The ordinance, enacted January 16, 2018 with Councilor Myra Paz Abubakar as author, likewise prohibits selling, distributing or purchasing tobacco products and e-cigarettes to and from minors; for minors to smoke, sell or buy tobacco products and e-cigarettes; forcing, encouraging or teaching minors to use, light up, buy, sell, distribute, deliver, advertise or promote tobacco products and e-cigarettes; selling or distributing tobacco products and e-cigarettes in places where minors frequently stay such as school, public playground, youth hostel, recreational facilities, and other similar places within 100 meters from the area and posting and distributing promotional materials of tobacco products and e-cigarettes such as leaflets and posters within 100 meters from the perimeter of a school, public playground and other places where minors are frequently found.

A Smoke-Free Enforcement Team chaired by Mayor Climaco has been created for the implementation, supervision and enforcement of the ordinance to take effect. The City Health office in coordination with the City Police, City Engineer’s Office, Permits and License Division, City Environment and Natural Resources Office, City Treasurer’s Office and City Information Division are tasked to conduct ocular inspection and certify compliance of the designated smoking areas provided by the establishments as required under the ordinance.

The CEO is tasked to place signages/billboards in all public outdoor places informing the public of the prohibitions and penalties provided in the ordinance while the ZCPO is deputized to impellent the ordinance and apprehend violators.

The ordinance is pursuant to Executive Order 26 issued by President Duterte that calls for a smoke-free community. (Sheila Covarrubias)

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