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25-Km Rio Hondo Foot Bridge should be replaced - Celso


House of Representatives Committee on Public Works and Highways chairman and Congressman Celso Lobregat strongly recommended the removal and replacement of the 25-kilometer wooden footbridge in Sitio Hongkong, Barangay Rio Hondo into a concrete bridge to stand the wear and tear.

In a news conference called by the solon yesterday afternoon, Lobregat said that based on the facts and figures given him by the National Housing Authority (NHA), the government needs almost half a billion pesos to implement the said proposal.

“I was even surprised, I didn’t imagine it was that long, we will have to check the plans presented by UP Planades, right now, I ask figures, it’s very hard to talk without the figures, I am just giving the facts and figures, what needs to be done, and how much it will cost to do that,” Lobregat said.

Congressman Lobregat said that even before the infamous “fall” which he experienced on April 26, together with Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar and Committee Chairman on Housing and Urban Development Rep. Albee Benitez, he was already talking to the solon (Benitez) that those foot bridges be replaced with concrete ones just like what her late mother did (Ma. Clara Lobregat) in Mariki footbridge, which still stand until now and the only structure which remain intact even after the conflagration of the four barangays during the Zamboanga Siege.

“It’s hard to keep on talking if you don’t have the figures, if there is a proposal to change, how much and how long, facts and figures has to be considered, my position is those wooden foot bridges has to be replaced, no matter what happens in the upcoming Congressional Hearing on this issue,” Lobregat said.

Congressman Lobregat said that based on NHA figures, the Estimated Cost per lineal meter (2.4 linear meters width) is Php38,192.85. The Estimated Cost per lineal meter (1.5 l.m width) is Php 34,362.50. Meanwhile, the Estimated Amount Needed for 9,624.92 l.m of 2.4 l.m width Concrete Footbridge is Php 367,603,126. The Estimated Amount Needed for 15,424.41 l.m of 1.5 l.m width Concrete Footbridge is Php 580,010,636 for a Total Estimated Amount Needed for 25,049.02 l.m of Concrete Footbridge is Php 897,613,762, intended for the seven Z3R Housing sites in Mariki, Sitio Hongkong, Vale Vista 1, Vale Vista 2, Vale Vista 3, Vale Vista 4 and Taluksangay.

“We are looking for solution to the problem and not criticism. The solution is to replace those wooden footbridges to concrete ones, where the money should come from? it should be from the NHA itself who implemented such national government project,” Lobregat said. – Bhong Simbajon/RMN News

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