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NHA official apologizes for collapsed footbridge


National Housing Authority (NHA) General Manager Marcelino Escalada has apologized for the wooden footbridge that collapsed during an inspection by local officials in Rio Hondo last April 26.

City Housing and Land Management Officer Jawo Jimenez announced this at the press briefing yesterday, quoting a national TV station that broadcast the interview with Escalada issuing the apology.

Jimenez further quoted the NHA executive as saying that if not for the election ban there would have been reshuffling of the agency’s personnel.

He said the collapsed footbridge was constructed during the term of the previous NHA general manager, not Escalada.

“We are happy to note that NHA executive takes responsibility and even apologized for the project constructed not under his term,” Jimenez said.

Meanwhile, the city housing division chief said his team inspected last week the projects under the Zamboanga City Roadmap to Reconstruction and Recovery (Z3R) in barangays Mariki, Rio Hondo and Sta. Catalina, particularly at Valle Vista Subdivision.

According to Jimenez, there were many areas at Valle Vista housing project by NHA found defective, especially the footbridges. Although there were repairs made, but the design was defective just the same.-(Vic Larato/PR)

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