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Motorist injured in Buenavista


A motorcycle driver was injured after being hit by another motorcycle at Sitio Buntod, Barangay Buenavista along the Maria Clara Lobregat Highway last Wednesday.

The victim was identified as Idil Amajad y Salvin, 36, married, and driver of a Honda XRM 125 motorcycle bearing plate number 7288 JQ.

Amajad sustained multiple injuries in different parts of his body and was rushed to Cristino Paragas Memorial Hospital in Barangay Quiniput for medical attention.

Investigation conducted by Police Station 2 showed that Amajad was travelling from the highway in Buenavista when upon reaching Sitio Buntod he failed to notice another motorcycle driven by Edwin Bonifacio y Francisco, 45.

Police said that the two vehicles collided and the impact threw Amajad away from his own motorcycle, resulting to injuries.

Probers said that Bonifacio was travelling ahead and slowed down his motorcycle to make a turn but was accidentally bumped by Amajad.

The motorcycles were brought and impounded at the police station while the case is still under investigation. (Peping Heramil)

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