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Alavar unhappy with NHA reason on Z3R substandard projects


By Dan Toribio

District 2 Councilor Mike Alavar yesterday expressed dissatisfaction on the explanation of National Housing Authority  (NHA )project manager Engr. Al Indanan during a dialogued called by the City Council in connection to the alleged substandard projects of Z3R and the falling of wooden bridge in Rio Hondo.

Alavar said that the purpose of the dialogue, which was proposed by Councilor Jimmy Villaflores, was to shed light on the controversy of the NHA projects in city but instead, there were even more questions raised by some members of the City Council than the answers of Indanan.

For his part, Alavar said that the local NHA headed by Indanan, failed to explain as to why these projects became substandard to include the falling of the bridge in Rio Hondo during the visit of Congressman Alfredo “Albee” Benitez who led the inspection as part of the Congressional Inquiry.

“Envez quita sale informao, mas ya queda quita almaryao,” said Alavar during an interview on RMN Zambaonga, the other day.

Alavar added that there were questions raised to Indanan but the latter failed to answer well.

“Dol nohay aclara, mas yan buyung el consejo,” Alavar was referring to the  answers of Indanan.

Before the dialogue began, Alavar raised a statement that the dialogue between the City Council and local NHA will put the Council in bad light because the matter is already the subject of investigation in Congress.

“Mr. Chairman may I know for the record the reason and upon whose initiative this dialogue was called? What is the propriety of having this dialogue? Considering the fact that the subject matter of Z3R is already the subject of investigation in Congress and if we push through with the dialogue there is a great possibility that out invited guest will be placed in a situation where they might incriminate themselves.

To proceed this dialogue will be placing the entire Council as an institution in bad light, knowing pretty well that the subject is already the subject of investigation in congress, people will question our intention and purpose of this dialogue and as far as this representation is concern I have my reservation for the record to proceed with the dialogue, “ this was the statement raised by Alavar before the dialogue started.

The city councilor believed that there were numerous irregularities committed during the construction of the Z3R house and there must people who should be held accountable. – Dan Toribio

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