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( Smokers beware!) Anti-smoking apprehension starts May 31


The Smoke-Free Enforcement Team, a multi-agency group task to enforce the Anti-Smoking Ordinance 469, will start apprehension of violators on May 31, observed as World No Tobacco Day.

The team conducted its first meeting on Friday at the City Health Office and discussed the provisions of the newly approved ordinance and the initial activities for the launching of the anti-smoking apprehension on May 31.

Smokers are reminded once again the first offense of the Anti-Smoking Ordinance in P1,000 with the corresponding citation ticket. Those who cannot pay the amount will be conducted to the police station for a two-hour community service.

Business establishments are also mandated to designate a smoking area, and the signage “Strictly No Smoking” shall be posted in conspicuous places within the establishment.

It was emphasized that the ordinance does not totally ban smoking in Zamboanga City. It only regulates, especially in public places and other areas where people converge, including public transportation system.

The public is encouraged to report violators to the police.

Under the ordinance, the CHO is mandated to implement a smoking cessation program, similar to the one already undertaken by Zamboanga City Medical Center for three years now.

Part of the regulation, cigarettes smoking, selling and distribution are strictly prohibited in the premises of schools, hospitals, clinics, hotels, parks, sidewalks. Selling of cigarettes to minors is strictly prohibited.(Vic Larato/PR)

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