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Heavy influx of passengers in the city’s IBT as school opening nears


The number of passengers arriving at the City Integrated Bus Terminal since Thursday have tremendously increased compared to previous months.

IBT head Eddie Saavedra said this is normal considering that majority of the passengers are students from neighboring cities and provinces who are studying here have started to arrive in time for class opening next week.

"Si ta acorda ustedes cuando vacation mucho diila ya bolbe  na diila lugar   poreso ahora ta bira ya tamen sila ole," Saavedra   said.

Saavedra disclosed that based from records over 4,000 passengers are arriving at the IBT  every day since four days ago.

Most of the students are studying the state colleges and  universities  in the city.

According to Saavedra, security measures of the facility   are already in place.

"Maga police de Divisoria  y soldao deTask Force Zamboanga  amo ta dale seguridad con el maga pasajero,," Saavedra added.   (Elinor Fernandez)

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