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Lobregat says bashers on BBL issue politicking too early


Congressman Celso Lobregat said bashers who are maligning and personally attacking him in social media are already politicking as early as now.

In an interview with E-Media, Lobregat said that those who immediately bashed him in social media only minutes after he abstained from voting on the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) are his perennial critics with personal political plans in the coming 2019 elections.

Lobregat said these critics did not even know the content of the substitute BBL bill the Congress voted upon when they reacted and started bashing him.

The District 1 Solon said if these critics of his are indeed professionals, they would have waited until they know the content of the substitute BBL bill before questioning his position.

“My bashers are already politicking, we can debate in any of the provisions of the law on the Bangsamoro Bill, hinde personalan. In congress we debate and differ in various issues, but nothing personal, unlike my bashers...deficil hace entende con el pensamiento serao ya. Ta bakecha sila comigo not on the provisions of the law, personal ya ta queda,” Lobregat said.

The solon also rebutted the claims of those who he described as the “sabiondo’s” saying what these people share to the public are “fake news” considering that they have not yet seen the actual draft of the BBL Substitute Bill,HB 6475 which will de discussed in the Bicameral Conference Committee next month.

“Kung gusto, maraming paraan. Kung ayaw, maraming dahilan. Pero ang dahilan nila personal, hindi ayun sa batas o sa proposed BBL bill,” Lobregat added.

Congressman Lobregat said yesterday that the bicam is his last venue to defend the best interest of Zamboanga City on the BBL Law.

“Whatever is the version of the House and that of the Senate, we will finalize that during the bicam, and make sure that the substituted provisions which I have proposed and were adopted shall be protected,” Lobregat said.

The solon assured that he will insist in the provisions of having only one plebiscite. He said the other issues he would want to amend in the bicam are the contiguity which should be by land and not by sea and the SPDA propertiesthat there will be an inter-government body that will talk about the participation of ownership of the Bangsamoro in the properties of the SPDA.

“Para con migo ok lang siquerre sila dale el SPDA completamente con el propiedad diila located inside the Bangsamoro, no problem.But those properties outside of the Bangsamoro should not be included.That is another issue that I want tobring up also during the bicam.” Lobregat said.

“So,these and some other important provisions are the remaining issues I manifested that I would bring-up in the bicam, and I will be allowed to bring that up to the bicam because if you look at the composition, there are also others who are not here in the bicam to bring out these particular concerns. Siguro siya botayo NO, the speaker will not appoint me in the bicam. Because how can the speaker appoint anybody that voted NO?Itmeans to say, you are totally against the law, you can vote YES with reservation but nobody has voted NO with reservation,” Lobregat said.(Dexter Yap/PR)

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