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No opponent in sight for ABC Prexy Perez


Councilor Jerry Perez could be running unopposed for the Presidency of the Liga ng mga Barangay on the second week of July.

Congressman Celso Lobregat disclosed that the yellow team is looking for an opponent but several of the barangay chairmen they tallked to have allegedly rejected the offer to run against the incumbent ABC President.

Lobregat however said that it would be better if Perez would have an opponent so they will know how many barangay chairmen are for or against the leadership of Perez.

“Ya abla iyo con Jerry mas bueno si tiene ele contra para sabe el numero del maga qauien contra y quien apabor con ele,” Lobregat said.

Taluksangay Barangay Chairman and former Liga ng mga Barangay President Abdurahman Nuño, in a casual talk said he will not run for the post.

Perez said he is prepared and is not discounting any possibility that the yellow team will field a last-minute candidate to run against him.

“Si nuay pa yo contra ese porcausa ya mira ya man sila si kilaya yo ya lleva con el federacion del barangay durante mi termino,” Perez said.

Perez added that he has worked so hard as president and under his term, there have been so many accomplishments.

He vowed to continue his programs and vision for the 98 barangays of the city.

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