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Coast Guard trying to locate missing ‘Jung-Kong’ with 11 passengers


The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) is currently trying to locate the whereabouts of eleven persons to include Zamboangueños, mostly women and children, who mysteriously disappeared on board a Jung-Kong (speedboat) while travelling last month from Malaysia to Bongao.

Lt. Cmdr.  Alvin Dagalea, Coast Guard Zamboanga Station commander, said they are making necessary follow ups with their counterparts in Bongao, Tawi -Tawi regarding the whereabouts of the said boat passengers who left a secluded shoreline in Malaysia en route to Tawi Tawi last May 20.

According to Dagalea, one of the relatives of the Jung-Kong passengers, went to his office on Wednesday to ask for the coast guard assistance to help them locate their missing kin.

“Bien iresponsable gayot el tata quever ele pa ya manda munta con suyu mujer y maga anak alla na jung-kong cuando talla pa sila na Malaysia acabar denoche pa el viaje despues ele nuay sigui. Ya bolbe ele despues de cuantos dia pero suyu familia missing ya,” Dagalea told ZT.

The missing persons were identified as Anacel Mensedorm ,26, her six-month-old baby Arjay Cabalida, Rovelyn Himaya Berasin, 28, her two children Lovelyn, 11 and Roldan, 5, Annabel Cañete, 36 and her son John Loyd, 8 all residents of Sibugay. Another couple, Nonoy Batayola and wife Anita along with their son, Abel Batayola, 27 are resdents of Zamboanga City.

The Jung-kong driver identified as a certain Jimmy is also missing, according to Dagalea.

The Coast Guard commander said that he only learned from the relative of one of the passengers that the speed boat was small and it was dangerous for it to sail to considering the big waves along the seas between Malaysia and Tawi-Tawi.

“But we are not also discounting the possibility that they could have temporarily landed in an island and they are alive that is why we are trying our best to locate them,” Dagalea said.

He also discounted the possibility that they were kidnapped considering the time frame that they left Malaysia which is almost a month ago and no ransom demand has been made. (By Elinor Fernandez)

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