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Dalipe welcomes Fabian's choice to return to politics


Congressman Mannix Dalipe yesterday said he welcomes the announcement of former Congressman Erbie Fabian that he is again dipping his fingers in the political arena.

Dalipe said it is not a problem if Fabian wants to run for the District II Congressional post in next year’s mid-term elections.

Dalipe said he will focus more on the implementation of his projects considering that the election is still next year.

“Hinde anay yo pone atencion con ese cay lejos pa man el election. Man focus anay yo na implementation del maga proyecto para el beneficio del dimio constituentes,” Dalipe explained.

Despite being a neophyte Congressman, Dalipe was already able to implement and inaugurate several projects in the second district of Zamboanga City.

The Solon said he recently inaugurated three farm-to-market roads in barangays Bungiao, Manicahan and Boalan.

Earlier, he also inaugurated a two-storey 20 classroom building in Talon-Talon Elementary School.

Dalipe said he has an ongoing 17-kilometer road project that will connect the barangays of Tetuan, Tugbungan, Mampang, Zambowood, Lumiyap and Divisoria.

When completed, this alternative road will help solve the chaotic traffic problem in the city.

“Fish carrier trucks from Tugbungan, Talon-Talon and Mampang can use this road to bring their products to the other provinces without passing the narrow city streets,” Dalipe said.

Earlier, Fabian had been saying that he was out of politics. But due to alleged proddings by his friends, relatives and other sectors to again run for congressman in the forthcoming polls next year, he gave in to their request.

Fabian said he will run as an independent candidate considering former congresswoman Lilia Nuño had been appointed to lead the Nacionalista Party in this city when he lost to Mayor Beng Climaco in the mayoralty race six years ago.

Fabian and Nuño have been known leaders of the Nacionalista Party in Zamboanga City and both are close allies of the Lobregats.

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