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Mayor Beng confirms receiving death threats


Following the killings of two mayors in the country, Mayor Beng Climaco yesterday disclosed that she has also been receiving death threats from an unidentified suspect in the social media.

“Yan mayor na iyan, dapat pugutan ng ulo,” was the warning from the suspect who posted the message on social media.

However, Climaco said she is not taking it lightly but she will definitely not cow in fear.

“The suspect said she will chop off my head because of some issues with regards to terrorism,” Climaco revealed.

Climaco said she will maintain normalcy in all her actions and will continue to go and visit her constituents.

The chief executive said the people elected her to the position and they expect her to be brave and firm and not to be easily bullied.

Recalled, her uncle former mayor Cesar Climaco was shot dead by an assassin while responding to a fire incident along Gov. Alvarez.

Until now the suspect has not been identified or arrested.  SS

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