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Police nab ‘wahoy’ operator


An suspected collector of an illegal number game or most commonly known as wahoy was rrested during the police anti-gambling operation at Sitio Flamingo, Barangay Upper Calarian, this city on Saturday.

The suspect whaoy collector was identified as Hamsani Mikahil y Sirapil, 63, married and a resident of Kapuk, Flamingo, Upper Calarian.

Confiscated from his possession were 4 pieces of P100 bills, 7 pieces of P50 bills, a P200 bill, 10 pieces of P20, a P10 coin, 3 pieces of P5 coin, a lighter, a small color black pouch and a Nokia cellular phone.

Police said that the suspect was arrested while on the act of collecting bets for wahoy from local residents of Flamingo, Upper Calarian.

The suspect including his cash collection and illegal gambling items were brought to Police Station 8 for further investigation.

Mikahil is now detained at the police station while a case for violation of P.D. 1602, the anti-gambling law as amended by R.A. 9287, has been readied by the police against the suspect in court. (Eugene A. Lasprilla)

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