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Welder stabs cousins, takes hostage young boy


A welder was arrested yesterday morning by the police for stabbing his two cousins and taking hostage a four-year-old boy in Barangay Calarian, Zamboanga City.

The suspect was identified as Felipe Bangcayrin, 44, of Calarian.

The victims were identified as Evei Juvinal, 39, and Jaymark Budoy, both cousins of the suspect and residents of the same place.

Chief Insp. Ramon Bautista, chief of the Sinunuc Police Station disclosed that the suspect, who could be suffering from mental disorder, thought that Juvinal was spreading gossips that he is a criminal and was out to kill him.

Because of his intense anger at Juvinal, he grabbed a knife and stabbed the victim. The second swing of his knife injured Jaymark Budoy who was standing beside him.

At this juncture the suspect took Totoy, the four-year- old son of his cousin Jayson at the second floor of the house where the hostage taking occurred.

Bautista said that during their negotiation for the release of the boy, Felipe asked for P1,000 so he can go home to Sibugay. The authorities then gave hm P1,000.

He then asked for biscuits saying he was hungry. After his request was granted, he freed the small boy and voluntarily surrendered to the police.

Bautista said they are set to file a case for frustrated homicide and child abuse against the suspect. (SS)

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