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Dalipe expresses full support to House bill seeking mandatory drug test for gov’t officials


Congressman Mannix Dalipe yesterday express full support for the mandatory drug testing of all government officials including members of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Dalipe emphasized that top-ranking government officials are duty-bound to serve as role models for all Filipinos to emulate.

He said subjecting themselves to drug testing is one good example of how to do it which will benefit the people and the future of the nation as well.

The congressman said drug screening must in fact be made all the more mandatory for higher ranking officials of government beginning with the major branches of government such as executive, legislative and judiciary and those in charge of enforcing the laws like the police and the military and those holding the reins of local government units such as the mayors, vice mayors, governors, councilors and even barangay officials from the chairman down to the barangay tanod.

“We fully support the all-out war against drugs in the entire country. Hence, all elected and appointed officials both in the local and national level should be required to undergo mandatory drug test,” Dalipe stressed.

It will be recalled that Surigao del Norte Congressman Robert Ace Barbers, who chairs the Committee on Dangerous Drugs has sponsored a bill in Congress to subject all the 292 members of the House for a mandatory drug test.

The proposal of Barbers calls for the members of the consultative committee led by retired Chief Justice Reynato Puno to amend the Constitution in such a way that the drug testing will be made mandatory for candidates in both national and local positions.

According to Barbers, the government’s hands are tied in implementing a mandatory drug test of all government officials owing to a Supreme Court decision that rendered as unlawful Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, which imposed a drug testing for all national and local elective posts.

He said the Civil Service Commission (CSC), in its Resolution No. 1700653 dated March 15, 2017, has issued guidelines to ensure that government agencies remain drug-free for the effective and efficient delivery of public services.

However, it fell short when it stated that drug testing shall remain a requirement only for initial entry to government service and that those found positive for drug use shall not be hired or appointed.

There is nothing wrong with preemptive measures such as ensuring that students as young as mere grade-schoolers are not into drugs by making them undergo drug tests too, it is best to begin with those on top, or are already in charge of running the affairs of our country -- from the basic barangay all the way up to Malacanang, Congress and Senate. SS

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