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Valesco refutes claims he resides in District 2


Incoming Councilor Gerky Valesco yesterday refuted claims that he has transferred his residency to barangay Mercedes which is under District 2.

Valesco said, the rumors are all hogwash because since 1994, he has been a resident of Barangay Sta. Maria.

“Del 1995 aqui yo ya casa na Sta. Maria. Mi maga anak aqui ya bautisa y aqui tamen ya entra escuela,” Valesco said.

According to Valesco, he served as a councilor for nine years since 1997 and if he is from Mercedes, he will not be able to file his candidacy under District 1.

“Aquel casa alla na Mercedes ya man curambus came maga hermano y hermana para del diamun nana quien aquel tiempo enfermo. Cuando ya muri mi nana, ya queda alla ahora mio hermana,” Valesco explained.

Valesco is reacting to reports that a veteran councilor from the "yellow team" of the Liberal Party is preparing to object if Velsaco will be appointed as Councilor.

Councilor Mike Alavar already disclosed that the LDP party has chosen Valesco as successor of outgoing Councilor Myra Paz Abubakar.

Abubakar has been appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte as regional director of the Department of Tourism in Region 9. (SS)

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