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Old man stabs disabled son


An old man stabbed and wounded his disabled son in Sitio Entrada, Mangga-Bolong, Barangay Bolong, Zamboanga City on Monday.

The victim was identified as Randy Salvador y Alfonso, 35, single, a person with disability (PWD) and a resident of the said place.

Randy sustained a lone stab wound in his body and was rushed to Crisitno Paragas Memorial Hospital in Barangay Quiniput for medical attention.

Police Station 3 commander Chief Insp. Julius Dao-an identified the suspect as Edgardo Salvador y Diostacio, 66, married, also of the said barangay.

Initial investigation conducted by PO3 Jova Agustin, investigator-on-case, showed that the victim went to fetch his father and asked him to go home.

PO3 Agustin said the suspect got mad and stabbed the victim with an improvised spear. He was immediately arrested by responding police personnel.

The suspect was conducted to the police station for investigation and detention.

PO3 Agustin told Zamboanga Today that the victim refused to file charges against his father and is willing to settle the case amicably. (Eugene A. Lasprilla)

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