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Zamboanga City Business Chamber supports rice tarrification bill


The Zamboanga City Chamber of Commerce Foundation Industry (ZCCCFI), Inc. yesterday expressed full support to the rice tariffication bill that the House of Representatives recently approved.

ZCCCFI President Mr. Cholo Soliven said the law will help ease the problem of rice shortage in the country especially in the ZamPen Region particularly Zamboanga City.

Soliven said that about 50 percent of the current rice supplies are from unknown sources and based on the region’s capacity to produce rice for consumption versus the demand of Zamboanga City alone, it will be noted that there is a great disparity.

The bill will address the issue of rampant smuggling as it will lift the quantitative import restriction on rice with tariffs, Soliven explained.

He said the bill will not affect the local farmers because safeguards are in place and that the tariffs generated will form part of the rice competitiveness enhancement fund otherwise known as the "revised agricultural tariffication act."

"The essence of the rice tariffication bill is to ensure ample supply in order to avoid rice shortage like what happened recently," Soliven said.

The business chamber president also said that the bill will help discourage rice smuggling. (SS)

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