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Edaga: ‘Let us show how beautiful Mindanao is’


Philippine Information Agency 9 (PIA9) regional director Noemi B. Edaga expressed in a press conference held at a local mall,that Kalinaw Kultura Mindanao, which is a two-day  activity-packed program, will greatly help show how beautiful Mindanao really is.

"Just like the how the view of vintas in a regatta unites the people of Zamboanga, the Kalinaw Kultura Mindanao aims to serve as a venue to unite people of different culture,  tradition and tribes...As one can notice the people of Mindanao can speak Bisaya, Tausug, Yakan, Chabacano, etc. That is how our culture is so diverse."

"If we can communicate with each other then we can bring about peace," Edaga added.

"And we can show the world how beautiful our culture really is,” stressed Edaga.

She said that even if the venues of the program are in the city, the agency also utilizes Facebook Live and other broadcast channels to spread their information and advocacy.

Kalinaw Kultura Mindanao is held from September 13-14, 2018. The activities that it entails are viewing of Local Cultural Films at Centro Latino Theater Room, Paseo del Mar;  Fashion Exhibit featuring creations of Nilo Lacs on and Monching Fernandez at KCC Mall de Zamboanga East Wing; and Kalinaw Kultura Motorcade starting from V. Again Avenue  fronting Brigada New Fm to Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology (ZCMST).

It is also being actively participated and supported by the Department of Tourism -9 (DOT-9) and the City Government of Zamboanga. (Kimberly  L. Yusay)

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