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PACC to summon Z3R agencies


Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) Commissioner Manuel Luna has assured the Local Inter-Agency Committee (LIAC) that he will summon the heads of government agencies causing undue delays and/or anomalies in the implementation of the Zamboanga City Roadmap to Recovery and Reconstruction (Z3R) Project, particularly the construction of permanent housing units intended for families displaced by the 2013 siege.

Commissioner Luna, who attended the LIAC meeting yesterday, expressed his frustration over the long overdue projects under Z3R, five years after the infamous Zamboanga siege.

“The delay is very damaging not only to the government but to the people as well. Heads will roll because we can no longer make excuses, no more passing the bucks and finger-pointing,” said Luna, a Zamboangueño lawyer.

“The siege had caused so much suffering. We will summon them and give them timeline,” Luna said, referring to agencies whose assigned projects remained uncompleted as of this time. “I will bring this matter to the Office of the President,” he added.

He was particularly referring to the National Housing Authority (NHA), the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA), the Commission on Audit (COA), including the Zamboanga City Water District (ZCWD) and the Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (Zamcelco), among others.

The anti-corruption commissioner arrived in the city Tuesday to conduct a fact-finding investigation into the Z3R Project following numerous complaints from different sectors. In particular, he visited the Z3R permanent housing units in different areas, including those in Tulungatung, and found out many projects left unfinished, some were substandard and most if not all housing units do not have electricity, water and sanitation facilities.

The NHA reported that 5,616 housing units have already been completed, representing 88.5% completion from the 6,343 final target (out of 6,488 original target).

Of these figures, 693 housing units are ongoing construction, while 5,305 units have been awarded, and 345 units completed but not awarded yet.

It was also learned that the national government had downloaded P622 million to LWUA and P95 million to NHA for the water and sanitation facilities and P76 million to Zamcelco for electricity of the housing units, yet many of the beneficiaries have occupied the houses without light and water connections.

“Why? Where did the money go? The delay is too much to bear for the IDPs, let alone living without light and water,” Luna lamented. “We will prioritize this. The delay is unacceptable,” he added.

City Housing Division Chief Jawo Jimenez said only 46 family-beneficiaries had applied for water connection and 20 families for electricity.-(Vic Larato)

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