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‘No lighter policy’ will be lifted next year, Mayor says


Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar said that the 'No lighter policy' in cemeteries during Undas will be lifted next year.

This was the assurance given by the Mayor during her weekly press conference at the city hall, yesterday.

Under Executive Order No. 422, signed by the City Mayor last October 25, bringing of lighters was prohibited in addition to firearms, bladed weapons and other similar items within the premises of public and private cemeteries during the twin observance of 'Todos los Santos y Todos los Difuntus'. Matches, however, were allowed but only to a limited amount.

Accordingly, the Explosive and Ordnance Division of Zamboanga City Police Office (ZCPO) recommended this prohibition stating that lighters can be used as explosive when exposed to heat or thrown towards a hard surface.

Mayor Beng herself shared her difficulty with this prohibition saying,"I myself was a victim during that time... We were not allowed that time to bring our lighters. So we really have to lift it... This is really impractical and this is really needed as a sign of our respect in lighting the candles in our different cemeteries."

She also added that she recommended the lift of the 'No lighter policy' immediately after November 1. (Kimberly L. Yusay)

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