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One pink candidate withdraws in favor of brother


Retired policeman Alvin Perez yesterday revealed that he is set to withdraw his candidacy for councilor in favor of his eldest brother Hector.

Hector is presently the number four kagawad of Barangay Guiwan.

Perez filed his Certificate of Candidacy for the position of councilor in District 2 and will run under Team Climaco.

“Quiere man gayot era yo corre pero mi mujer nuquiere gayot que entra yon na politica. So ya escuji yo familia anay man una embes politica. Total mio hermano talli ya man ele as kagawad na Guiwan so con ele yo ya manda man substitute comigo,” Perez explained.

Kagawad Perez, during the press conference of Mayor Beng at Astoria Hotel said, he was first reluctant to accept the offer from his brother. But he learned that he will be under Climaco’s ticket, he readily accepted.

“Primero nuquiere era yo acepta pero cuando ya sabe yo cay under gale con mayor Beng, ya acepta yo,” the kagawad said.

According to Alvin, he is now preparing the documents for his withdrawal.

The Comelec earlier disclosed that substitution is valid and legal until November 29. (SS)

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