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Let's bring education to the next level - Celso


Congressman Celso Lobregat sent a strong message to the faculty and students of San Roque National High School in bringing education to the next level after gracing the formal turn-over of the 3 storey, 12 classroom building in the said school, yesterday morning.

Lobregat said that being an elected official of the city, it is his commitment to continue in bringing more infrastructure to improve the learning environment of the students here.

Speaking in front of 846 students from junior and senior high school of San Roque, Lobregat emphasized the importance of balancing the number of classrooms to teachers and the students.

"Todo este ta hace kita for the teachers to teach on a better environment also for students to learn comfortably, and the most important thing is obtaining the result of quality education," Lobregat said.

The solon emphasized on this aspect because Zamboanga City division both in elementary and secondary, got very low results in the National Achievement Test (NAT) at only 39.7% in Elementary and 35% in High School.

"We must improve on this. It's our desire and objective to improve education in San Roque NHS and the city in general. Let us bring the level of education to where it should be, all of us has our share to do," Lobregat said.

The newly completed 3 storey, 12 classroom building was constructed by GHR Construction and with a total amount of P17 Million pesos.

San Roque Barangay Chairman Edgardo Delgado also lauded Lobregat for his untiring support to San Roque NHS, from its legislation until the putting up of the three large multi-storey buildings comprising the 44 classrooms which their students are now using.

"Si nuay si Cong Celso, nuay San Roque NHS. Poreso continua kita conele ayuda para continua tambien el buen servicio na ciudad," Delgado said.

Student Government President Arlyn Heart Sabdani also thanked Lobregat for giving them the place they call home and the best school which is just in their doorsteps, branding Lobregat as the father in San Roque NHS. (Dexter Yap/PR)

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