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Child dies of HIV-AIDS


A two-year-old child recently died of HIV-AIDS while two other children with ages 6 and 7 are among 433 other individuals who are afflicted with the dreaded virus in Zamboanga City.

Assistant City Health Officer Dr. Kibtiya Uddin also disclosed that there are two pregnant women who were also found to have acquired the disease.

Uddin said the presence of the HIV-AIDS have been noted in 1995 and the disease has since been rapidly increasing up to the present at an alarming phase.

Based from CHO records, 93 percent of those suffering from the virus are male and 73 percent of the patients are from this city.

Ninety seven percent of the cases are transmitted via sex while 3 percent are mother to child.

“So aquel tres bata ya tene HIV ya sale con el diila nana who were infected with the virus. Ta man monitor came ahora con este maga bata and we are providing medical assistance canila,” Uddin said.

She said 85 percent of the patients are MSM or man having sex with man, Uddin said.

City Health Officer Dulce Amor Miravite said, their office is now conducting seminars and info drive in government offices including schools to inform them about the dangers of having this disease.

Miravite said the HIV virus enters the body and attack the T-cells which serves as the soldiers of the body.

Once the T-cells are completely destroyed, the disease is now a full blown Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), that has no cure. (SS)

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